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Love and support in Lockdown – The Circle of Relationships

Discover the benefits of being intentional about your relationships

Life has changed shockingly quickly for all of us. It has affected our relationships both positively and negatively.  Many people are asking: ‘How do I manage my relationships during Lockdown?’

I have created this webinar to help with this challenge.

Everyone has their own unique experience of relationships in Lockdown. For some people, they feel overwhelmed by their many relationships at this time. For others, they’ve not given their relationships much thought. Certain relationships will have improved, whilst others may have become more strained.  Some people have a strong support network and others will feel more isolated.

What will you learn?

  • How to categorise your relationships and get clear on their importance to you
  • How to invest your energy into the relationships which matter most
  • How to be more intentional in your communication with those important relationships
  • How to identify the relationships which are draining you

What do participants say?

I felt lighter for doing this webinar, as it gave me greater clarity over my relationships.” Nicole, Bicester

“This webinar is useful to strengthen relationships and build a good network of support.” Sarah, Oxford

“It helped me to categorise my relationships and to work out their importance to me. Tracy, Kidlington

About Jackie:

Jackie Meek has been a Leadership and Personal Development Coach for 5 years and is ACC qualified with the International Coaching Federation. She has a passion to see frazzled mums move from surviving to thriving. Jackie enables her clients to show up well in all their different roles and helps them to boss life, bringing about the change they desire. Jackie is mum to an 11 year old and a 9 year old. She has experience of giving birth prematurely, loss of a baby, puerperal psychosis and post-natal depression. She can empathise with her clients and show it’s possible to face life’s challenges and move forwards. You can work with her on a 121 basis or join her group coaching programme, The Mum Boardroom. Contact her for a mum to mum no obligation chat on 07774 216750.