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Photo ‘Hedges Law Boardroom in Beaumont Street, Oxford’  Designed by Lesley Ann Gentry Interior Design,  used with kind permission

“Every time we meet, I solve an unsolvable problem.”

CW, Oxford

The Mum Boardroom

The Mum Boardroom is open to all mums. The Mum Boardroom provides a supportive, confidential, fun and safe environment for mums to get together to focus on their businesses, work life, home life, share their successes and talents and learn from each other.  Dedicated ‘me time’, to think and be heard, within a trusted group of like-minded women who produce extraordinary results.  It’s a chance to build a sense of ‘community’ which is so intrinsic to thinking clearly and carving out the best way forward.  As a coach, it’s a privilege to witness the transformation of women as they empower themselves to develop their confidence, mindset and ability to get results.

Each group has a maximum of six members, and meets for a two-hour session, once a month.

Why join?

  • Release opportunities and solve issues
  • Take time to think and plan with structure and direction
  • Set goals and be held accountable for them
  • Share knowledge, experience, highs and lows with others who ‘get it’
  • Develop your ability to think and challenge yourself more effectively
  • Access coaching at a very affordable cost
  • Learn more about Positive Mental Fitness
  • Build your Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) muscles in your brain


Click here, to find out more about the different ways in which you can work with me.


Natalie, Kidlington

I’ve been learning how improve my Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) through the Mum Boardroom. The PQ tools have helped me to identify my self-sabotaging behaviours and I’ve learnt to access my wiser, elder self instead. Using these tools have resulted in some intentional and measurable change in my life. I recently took the brave step to apply for a job that I was only part qualified to do. When I saw the job advertised, I spotted my Hyper-Achiever Saboteur telling me I would fail and my application would be discounted. Having this insight gave me the courage to apply for the job without judgement. I got the job!

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